Oral Presentation Guidelines

For Oral presentations, each presenter will have up to ten minutes to present their research and take questions from the audience.

General Guidelines:

  • Acceptable formats are power points (widescreen 16:9).
  • Limit the text on your slides – focus on the main message
  • Utilize clear visuals and graphics instead of text
  • Limit abbreviations and unnecessary text
  • Use bullet points instead of full sentences
  • Make sure slides are clear and readable – double space your text
  • Use clear fonts and contrasting colours
  • Acceptable font types are Arial, Calibri and Cambria (do not use Times New Roman)
  • Avoid the use of ALL CAPITAL letters or underlined text, as they are difficult to read
  • Prevent using font sizes smaller than 22 points as far as possible.

Note: Make sure you get your presentation uploaded in advance on the computer at the presentation hall before the beginning of the session.